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B&M Waste

B&M Waste

B&M Waste Services is a leading independent commercial & industrial waste management company. It is a family owned business that has over a decade of waste management expertise. B&M Waste Services develop tailored total waste management solutions, saving organisations money, as well as improving their overall environmental performance.

120 Spreadsheets into 1 web based based system

Key Outcomes

The Challenge

B&M Waste Services have a team of over 20 sales representatives in the UK, each generating new contracts for the company. Each contract obtained was then entered into a set of over 120 Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Any changes made to those existing contracts such as upgrades, downgrades or cancellations were then entered into different spreadsheets in the set. The main objectives for the spreadsheets was to analyse how much commission a sales representative was earning and most importantly, track the number of sales.

However, after some time accurate reporting and analysis became almost impossible with all of the separate spreadsheets. As the importance and complexity of spreadsheets grow, the risk of errors increases dramatically.

Many companies rely on spreadsheets as a key application that supports operational and financial reporting processes. However, although spreadsheets often start out as a simple, effective way to help store lists of data or to manage processes – they can rapidly grow into something which is completely unmanageable.

Managing the 120 spreadsheets at B&M Waste Services soon became an administrative nightmare, and each month it was crucial that the spreadsheets were checked and rechecked to identify if any errors has been made. An error could be anything from a simple data entry mistake, to a complex formula error, or worst of all a data inconsistency error. Unfortunately, errors are not obvious and valuable time is spent tracking them down.

case study
case study

The Solution

After an initial brainstorming meeting with WN1 IT, it quickly became apparent that a bespoke database application would be of great benefit to B&M Waste Services. Having a database would provide a greater level of control over the company’s data that is not possible to achieve when using spreadsheets. Once a brief had been agreed upon with WN1 IT and the project was accepted, follow up meetings took place to finalise the specification and scope of the project.

WN1 IT quickly understood the nature of the problem that B&M were experiencing and tailor made a solution to suit their needs. WN1 IT developed a bespoke piece of software that is simple to use with little training required. They proposed a website whereby both new contracts and renewals could be created and managed in the same place.

This new software now allows the company to produce accurate management reports and provides the much needed ability for the sales representatives to input information in one location.

Full management reports can be produced with a few clicks of the mouse, meaning that it is now much simpler, less time-consuming and more cost-effective than analysing every individual spreadsheet.

Additionally, sales representatives automatically receive a weekly email with their current sales position which allows them to check their targets, without the need to access an office based system.

The Benefits

B&M Waste Services have been using this new software for over a year and the process is running smoothly.

Key benefits

• Single reporting solution
• Fast, accurate reports and analysis
• Significantly improved administration processes

“Quote from the team”

Kevin Bates

Technical Director of WN1 IT

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